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Real Chinese Food

Chicken Balls, Anyone?

Real Chinese Food, what is it?  For those of you living in parts of the world where there isn’t much of a Chinese population with a Chinatown, you will undoubtedly associate real Chinese Food with Chicken Balls, Fried Rice and Egg Rolls.

You have been exposed to North Americanized Chinese Food!

The Chinese immigrants of generations ago who opened up the first Chinese restaurants amongst the westerners were smart business people.  They knew and understood the concept of meeting the needs of your target audience.  They created a menu of items that they believed that their neighborhood westerners would like and buy.  So it is not real Chinese Food.  When they are done serving you, they go back to the kitchen and make themselves a real Chinese meal.

So What is Real Chinese Food?

Similar to the potato to westerners, rice is the center of the Chinese diet.   But you are thinking about potato as a side dish.  Let me paint the picture this way: the Chinese eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Their cereal is congee which is a Rice Porridge very much like rice soup.  It is sometimes eaten plain or pieces of meat such as chicken, pork or beef are added.

Dim Sum is a lunch feast which can be found in some parts of larger Chinese populated cities in North America.  It’s a smorgasbord of dumplings made of or shrimp and pork.  You will find more exotic items such as chicken feet and pig feet.  It’s interesting to get your reaction when you see someone chewing and sucking a chicken toe - nails and all!

Eating Real Chinese Food with the Dreaded Chopsticks

Chopsticks Photo Credit:  Penny Mathews

My friends and family either love or hate using chopsticks.  I actually prefer using my fork even eating Chinese food.  But that’s just a personal preference because I  find it takes less effort.

For those of who who think it might be fun and cool to eat with chopsticks, here are some tips:

Where are your Table Manners?

If you are were raised with proper table manners, you might find eating a meal with the Chinese sometimes a little chaotic.  

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